* After Robot Amazing shots thank you! !

* Hedley Manicom Hi. Just want to say a big thanks for the photos and videos you shot of Above Atlas last Wednesday. The quality is great and you have done the band a big favor.
  Thanks for always supporting our Events and for the Great Photos and Videos. Thanks for promoting our Great Local Artists and being a pleasure to work with.
*Dembe DeeVah Thakhathi   Brilliant work all the time Stunning photos and professional work ethic

*Justin Serrao Great photos and good quality Videos! Thank you

  * Neil Scanes  Those are stunning photos! I don’t even look that much like a kiddie fildler good work Moonoveraquarius.

  *Daz Roux  Big thanks to the team at Moonoveraquarius for the fantastic photos.

  Jasper Dan   Some awesome pictures by Moonoveraquarius at the last gig….

 *Al Stander   Thanks for the great pics.

 * Lily Moodley   Graham is creative and maintains a professional disposition at all times

* Kerwin C Lee   Awesome stuff

  *Grant Van Zyl  Professional and open minded

  *Aleksandar Bulović  Great videos and live footage! I highly recommend this photographer

 *Jack Rolling Dandy’s Thanks Graham Michael Astley at Moonoveraquarius for these photo’s taken at Smugglers Pub, they are awesome!

 * Jason Hoenselaar   Okay so i always knew that being a drummer ,and usually the most active member on stage, that almost 99% percent of the time my facial expressions wouldn’t be the most glamorous .However ,i cant   say that anything else comes close to having the same kind of fun . tongue emoticon . just so happens on one of the rare occasions i took my shirt off ,the awesome photographers at Moonoveraquarius where there to   capture my nipples in all their glory .all credit for these and the rest of my bands photos go to them smile emoticon please like their page if you so find it in your hearts

  * Thanks to Graham Michael Astley from Moonoveraquarius for this awesome footage of us at Amuse Café – Linden last night Thanks so much Graham The Color Blue     

 *Subject: NFN
Panel discussion Message:
Dear Graham
How do I thank you enough for your kindness and generosity for the amazing video you put together for the panel discussion after the Unthinkable short film launch. I am overwhelmed as it is worth a huge amount to us.
I have uploaded it to YouTube Kind regards Marina

* Jasper Dan The morning after… Last night was amazing!! We are humbled by the response we received at our album launch last night… We would like to express a huge thank you to Fred Otto and Hanlee and the entire team Rumours Lounge – Bar – Restaurant, Peter, Darren, Sheldon and the team from Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, TOMS – Rivonia, TOMS – Braamfontein, Fouche Custom Guitars, LW Mag, Press Play Films SA, the bands and artists last night, you were all amazing LINDO M, Kyle September, Dirty Moonshine, State Society, The Sinners, Gunslinger ZA and Zephyr Heirs – Cunning Stunts. and Moonoveraquarius for the video… Thank you also to Merrick Kyle, Josh the Bear and Ashley Peter Gaisford for all the helping out behind the scenes as always. Huge thank you to Edd van Veen on the sound, you were on point last night bro… Finally thank you all who came out last night, keep supporting local music, you made last night what it was!!!

* Colin Heaney Special thanks to Graham Michael Astley CEO of Moonoveraquarius for the amazing stills and video shots.

* Henry Wickens Thanks for the photos and video!

 * Hey my bud. Thanks a mill ..You’re a legend!!Mark Beling

 *After Robot Josh Pearlson
 Check this little gem of us playing live at smugglers! Thank you to moonoveraquarius photography for your work!

*Carlz Myers  Do you like photography!?check out this talented photographer whose passion for his work radiates within the quality of his pics!! Give the page a thumbs up

 *Lyla Iiiling . Got this really awesome video from Moonoveraquarius of my performance of my song “Sober” live at Smugglers on Monday

* Ryno lord Onyr Rabe Some shots from our show at Smugglers pub last weekend courtesy of Moonoveraquarius photography

  *Hazel Bee  Enjoying my band, In Dreams, live at Smugglers Metal Fest last weekend. Thanks for the stunning photo you took of me banging my head Graham Michael Astley. Check out Moonoveraquarius Photography for   more pics of the night. H.

*Love the band Graham!  You took some great footage of their show smile emoticon I’m sorry I didn’t make it to the show, but I really enjoyed watching the video you made of their performance. Well well done sir! You are very good at what you do! Best regards – H

* Jerry And The Bandits  Here are some Kick ass photos from our show last Wednesday – taken by Moonoveraquarius

* Take a look at this video of No Regret’s version of Snow Patrol’s “Run”.

 * Big kudos to Moonoveraquarius Photography for the footage, as always your work rocks!!

  *Artists Against Extinction Music Festival.  Thanks to Moonoveraquarius for the great shots…

 *  Thank you Moonovearaquarius for the great photos from Saturday night at Battle 4 Iron Maiden…Jasper Dan

 * We’ve released one of our live recordings. Woop Woop  This is our track Tin Can Logic recorded at our Friday the 13th gig at Smugglers last month.

  Big Thank you to Graham Michael Astley from moonoveraquarius photography for the footage.
* Check it. Share it. Love it. Come support some shows.Sam Bushell

 * Killer pic by from ‪ Moonoveraquarius of my moves with ‪#‎JasperDan‬ this weekend at  Rusty Hook‬. Gert Griessel

 * Thank you for the awesome band photo’s @moonoveraquarius! Fantastic and professional service! Go and give his page a like! Cheers Red Letter Sunday

 * State Society Check these rad images taken by Moonoveraquarius at our recent show at Railways Cafe!What a fun night!

 * This weekend, we had the privilege to perform at the Steelwings Charity Jol, all for a good cause; ‪#‎HandsofChange‬

* Needless to say, it was a rocking weekend with some rad folks all ’round! Big thank you’s to every single organizer, everyone who attended, Jasper Dan and Steelwings MC for an amazing outreach!

* Thanks to Moonoveraquarius Photography for capturing these memories. Rock ‘n’ roll! m/The Cunning Stunts

 * Kylie Unsworth … Here is a little preview of some of the stuff I get to share with you guys Thank you Moonoveraquarius for a great video!

 * Liaan Horton Some cool shots from last night at Amuse Cafe … thanks to our bro Graham from Moon Over Aquarius Photography for capturing the moment.

 * Thanks to Graham Michael Astley from Moonoveraquarius for this awesome footage of us at Amuse Café – Linden last night Thanks so much Graham The Color Blue     

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